Vermentino: story, features e food matchings | Leonardo Da Vinci

Vermentino: story, features e food matchings

Vermentino: story, features e food matchings

Vermentino, one of the great Italian white wines, is a wine that never disappoints! Simple, clean, usually mineral and saline, it is extraordinarily versatile and can be as deliciously complex in taste as a Sauvignon Blanc.

Vermentino: history of the wine

Vermentino is a white grape variety widespread in Sardinia, Liguria and Tuscany, with divergent origins. It seems to have been first discovered in Spain and then spread to Italy and some French regions, such as Languedoc-Roussillon, where it is known as “Malvoisie Précoce d’Espagne” or “Malvoisie à gros Grains”, and Corsica, where it is the most cultivated white grape.

The finest Italian Vermentino wines come from the Sardinia region, especially from the north-eastern part of the island, in the “DOCG Vermentino di Gallura” area. In Liguria it is found almost everywhere, but it finds its ideal microclimate in the Colli di Luni area, below La Spezia. In Tuscany, however, Vermentino is widespread along the hills at the foot of the Apuan Alps, in the province of Massa-Carrara, in the Maremma Toscana area and also on the Island of Elba.
It is here that Vermentino has acquired varietal characteristics that make it clearly distinguishable from Ligurian Vermentino or Sardinian Vermentino.

Vermentino: characteristics of the wine

Vermentino is recognized by its typical lightness and freshness. In general, it is a dry white wine with citrus, floral and herbaceous notes of white flowers, thyme and basil on a light fruity background. It usually has a mineral finish that recalls saline notes of seasalt.
In the collections of Cantine Leonardo da Vinci there are two Vermentino wines: Streda Vermentino Toscana IGT from the Villa da Vinci collection and Vermentino Toscana IGT from the Leonardo da Vinci Vitruviano collection. The first brings to the nose a clear scent of peach and white flowers, delicate and enveloping; the second recalls the typical varietal aromatic fragrance through a large floral bouquet which, when aged, highlights a slight mineral note of flint.

Vermentino: wine and food pairing

Vermentino is a fragrant and easy-to-drink white wine, which can be enjoyed in combination with a wide variety of traditional Italian dishes. From white fish to oily fish such as salmon, shellfish and crustaceans, or white meat, as well as pasta dishes with fish, pesto or vegetables: they are all excellent food combinations for a good glass of Vermentino.