Chianti Riserva: Caracteristics of one of the most loved Italian Wine

Chianti Riserva: Caracteristics of one of the most loved Italian Wine
Chianti Riserva is one of the types of wine included in the Chianti DOCG denomination: one of the most loved, known, and sold Italian wines. It belongs to a land with a noble, ancient and recognized enological vocation: Tuscany, the home of Chianti and Leonardo da Vinci. But I believe that great happiness is for the men who are born where good wines are found, argued the Genius of Vinci. Territory and wine are inextricably linked and, in fact, the name Chianti indicates a hilly area between Florence, Siena and Arezzo, with unmistakable beauty and unique scenic characteristics.

What are the characteristics of the Chianti Riserva?

Cantine Leonardo da Vinci, in its Tuscan vineyards, produces Chianti Docg and Chianti Docg Riserva. The denomination Riserva associated with the wine means that it has undergone a period of aging further than that required by the production disciplinary. In particular, the aging and refinement period necessary for Chianti to be defined as Riserva is 2 years. Chianti Riserva is therefore a particularly fine wine, usually full-bodied and with a higher alcohol content, which often comes from vineyards that have been previously selected for their unique characteristics. The Chianti Classico Riserva is then the Chianti wine produced in the original geographical area of the historical production of Chianti.

Chianti Riserva Vergine delle Rocce compared to Chianti Riserva Leonardo

In the I Capolavori collection which is inspired by Leonardo’s most famous works paired with the most famous and loved wines of the Italian territory, Chianti Riserva is paired with the Vergine delle Rocce, with the painting shown on the label. Leonardo’s painting, famous for its beauty but also for its mysterious charm and its enigmatic nature, goes well with this typically Tuscan wine that is silky and intense on the palate. The Chianti Riserva from the I Capolavori collection has a purple red color with intense chromatic nuances; fruity and spicy hints of cherry, vanilla and cinnamon. Dedicated to the home table, the Chianti Riserva from the Leonardo da Vinci collection is dedicated to the table at home: a wine with the ideal complexity, where fruity aromas combine with a hint of vanilla. On the palate it is full, enveloping, and rich in typical flavors, such as cherry and blackberry.