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What is Riserva wine and why is it so precious?

What is Riserva wine and why is it so precious?

Knowing the differences between wine and the various terminology that is on the label helps us to choose consciously and improve our knowledge of wine.

When we find the word Riserva on a bottle it means that inside there is a wine that is already a few years old, it is precious and certainly has a special value linked to the territory and its production.

What is Riserva wine?

If a wine is a Riserva it means that it has been subjected to a period of further aging compared to the standard regulations for the production of that particular wine. Specifically, the aging period necessary for a wine to be called Riserva is at least two years for reds and at least one year for whites.

Riserva can only be applied to wines that have the DOC and DOCG recognition, and therefore have a specification that already defines every aspect of the production. Thus, reading Vino Riserva on the label means you’re in possession of a particularly fine wine, usually more full-bodied and with a higher alcohol content. Often this wine comes from vineyards that have been previously selected for their unique characteristics. The label Riserva is sometimes combined with other wording, such as Classico or Superiore. The former, Classico Riserva, means that the wine comes from original and traditional territories of wine production (hence the term Classico) in addition to the longer period of aging. The latter label, Superiore Riserva, means that the wine has a higher alcohol content than that provided for in the production specification (Superiore means that the wine has a higher alcohol content) in addition to the longer aging period.

For example, Chianti DOCG wine may have the label “Chianti Riserva” if it has been aged for at least two years. This is calculated from January 1st of the year following the vintage in which the grapes were harvested.

Cantine Leonardo da VInci’s Riserva wines

The Chianti Riserva of the Leonardo da Vinci collection and the Chianti Riserva of the Da Vinci i Capolavori are award-winning wines produced from grapes from the vineyards located in the hills of Vinci and some neighboring municipalities. Recent awards received by these wines include the “Best of show Chianti Riserva” and the “Gold Medal” at the Mundus Vini, as well as the awards received at the Berliner Wein Trophy both for the 2015 and 2016 vintages.

The Sangiovese Superiore Riserva from the 1502 da Vinci in Romagna collection also won the “Gold Medal” at the Berliner Wein Trophy in 2019 with its 2016 vintage. This Riserva wine represents care for our vineyards and our territories, and completes our offering dedicated to Riserva wines.

Our Riserva wines are full-bodied wines with good length on the palate. On the table they are served with cold cuts and aged cheeses, and first and second courses based on red meat.

Knowing how to read wine labels and understanding the language used means learning more about the fabulous world of wine, but above all it helps us to choose the ideal bottle for our cellar or the perfect one for our combinations in the kitchen or convivial moments.