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Cantine Leonardo da Vinci wines now for sale online

Cantine Leonardo da Vinci wines now for sale online

From today it is possible to buy all the wines of the collections inspired by the Genius directly from the online shop. In fact, a new virtual space has been opened where you can access all of the labels of the Cantine Leonardo da Vinci wine collections at any time, and where you can buy one or more bottles quickly and safely with a simple click.

The 24h online store provides a wide choice to satisfy every consumption need, depending on your tastes and occasion, both to try something new and to find your favorite wine.
Each bottle of Cantine Leonardo da Vinci‘s range of wines tells a curious story related to the Genius of Vinci and his being a viticulture expert, and there are five collections to choose from with as many as 27 different types of wine.

The descriptive cards clearly explain the characteristics of each bottle and are matched with recommendations provided by our expert winemakers and sommeliers. In addition, with the transparent indication of the price, the customer has the possibility to select the most convenient.
As well as being able to find the entire range of wines and accessing the news in advance, choosing to buy Cantine Leonardo da Vinci wines from the online shop is an advantage in terms of convenience since it allows you to receive your parcels directly at your chosen address: effortless and stress free.

Buying directly from the manufacturer without intermediaries is just like entering directly into the Leonardo da Vinci cellars and having all the products just a click away.
If you buy online you can receive the wines of Cantine Leonardo da Vinci anywhere (in Italy and abroad) directly at home, with convenience and speed.

The shopping experience is designed to allow users to move quickly within the pages and to be able to choose the desired wines quickly and easily.
Cantine Leonardo Da Vinci uses only reliable, safe and ecological packaging. In fact, the entire package is 100% recyclable.