Vinexpo with the Famoso from the Genius | Leonardo Da Vinci

Vinexpo with the Famoso from Cantine Leonardo da Vinci.

Vinexpo with the Famoso from Cantine Leonardo da Vinci.

In Paris, on the occasion of the Winexpo wine event, Cantine Leonardo da Vinci presented a new wine inspired by the Tuscan genius: the Fonte di Rimini, obtained from the Famoso grape variety, an autochthonous white grape happily rediscovered after years of abandonment.

Fonte di Rimini enriches the 1502 da Vinci in Romagna collection which is dedicated to Leonardo’s Romagna period, during which he was so impressed by the main fountain of the city of Rimini that he wrote in his notebook: “I made harmony with the various streams of water, as you saw at the source of Rimini”.

Cantine Leonardo da Vinci chose the Parisian event to add a new chapter to the formidable story of Leonardo. A story that describes his passion for viticulture and oenology, to the point of inspiring a real method for the production of wine, now adopted by Cantine Leonardo da Vinci.

Paris also has a special bond with Leonardo: some of his most famous works are exhibited here, and France was the place where the Genius moved to in the last years of his life, to the court of King Francis I in Amboise, Loire Valley. Here he dedicated himself to perfecting his inventions and organizing wonderful and spectacular parties for the King’s court.

The Louvre Museum celebrated the great Tuscan genius with an exceptional retrospective (on display until February 20th) dedicated to the most famous paintings and drawings of the great Tuscan artist, scientist and inventor. In response, Cantine Leonardo da Vinci celebrated the genius at Vinexpo, by telling the story of Leonardo da Vinci and his special relationship with viticulture and wine, which continues to fascinate and amaze. This was demonstrated by the many visitors (around 30,000 professionals from the sector from 126 different countries) who took part in the tastings at the Cantine Leonardo da Vinci stand during the days of the fair – from 10th to 12th February – who were curious to taste the wines inspired by genius.