Buenos Aires hosts events dedicated to Leonardo | Leonardo Da Vinci

Buenos Aires hosts a series of events dedicated to Leonardo

Buenos Aires hosts a series of events dedicated to Leonardo

With three events focused on the theme “Leonardo between Medicine, Art and Science”, Leonardo da Vinci was celebrated in Argentina with the “IN-GENIO Italiano” program, organized by the Italian Embassy in Buenos Aires in November.

For the occasion, Cantine Leonardo da Vinci accompanied the institutional occasions with a selection of representative labels from the collections inspired by the Genius and created following the Metodo Leonardo©.

The cycle of events presented the Genius of Vinci as a man of the future both in his time and today, where he is still a source of inspiration in the artistic and scientific disciplines some five centuries later. Leonardo is a universal genius, but he is an Italian genius. Moreover, he is the one who triggered the creation of the image of Italy which then rooted itself in populations all over the world.

The three “IN-GENIO Italiano” initiatives were entirely dedicated to enhancing the expressions of Leonardo’s extraordinary scientific and artistic production and involved a keynote speech by Professor Alessandro Vezzosi, Director of the Leonardo Museums and ambassador of the Leonardo Genio del Vino project.

From the “Leonardo in the Faculty of Medicine” conference, to the debate “Todo lo que necesitás saber sobre Leonardo en el siglo XXI”, up to the exhibition of models of his best known works, with the exhibition “1519-2019: the genius of Leonardo da Vinci – Machines and inventions”, the goal was to represent the genius of an artist who has profoundly influenced contemporary reality, starting from an idea, a drawing, an image, a project. Even today, he still continues to amaze, fascinate and create interest around himself including in the fields of oenology and viticulture.