How to store wine

Wine is a living product, in constant evolution. Once it is bottled, it does not stop transforming. Rather, a new phase in its life begins. As time passes, the wine acquires complexity until it reaches its peak. If we open a bottle today it will have a different taste than it would if we opened …

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Cru: meaning and origin

The term cru to indicate a wine is a small word, just three letters, but with a powerful evocative appeal and capable of unleashing the curiosity to learn more. In the language of oenology the term cru is often used: a French word that has become common even outside France where, however, it takes on …

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Emilia Romagna wines: Characteristics and peculiarities

Romagna is a region defined by sentimental rather than administrative borders: traditions, dialect, history, character of the inhabitants and certainly food and wine separate it from Emilia. Emilia and Romagna are not only united by the hyphen between them, but by the hardworking, welcoming, creative qualities of these regions, which boast oenological and gastronomic excellence …

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