Tracing the three paths at Villa Da Vinci | Leonardo Da Vinci

Traced the three paths of Leonardo at Villa da Vinci

Traced the three paths of Leonardo at Villa da Vinci

Designed and realised for the guests of the Villa da Vinci wine resort and for those who like to walk in the nature of this piece of Tuscan countryside, Leonardo’s new paths are ideal routes for all types of walkers.

Three different thematic itineraries, of various lengths and altitudes, that start from the complex of Villa da Vinci and unfold in the surroundings, each with a special panorama: the valley, the vineyards and the forest.

I nicchi di Leonardo da Vinci (The Fossils of Leonardo da Vinci) – dedicated to the studies that Leonardo made on the subject of geology and fossils – is the path that surrounds the Villa offering a 360-degree view of the valley. (Length: 800 meters – Duration 25’)

Le vigne di Leonardo da Vinci (The Vineyards of Leonardo da Vinci), which begins with the Museo Leonardo and the Renaissance of Wine and surrounds the vineyards that once belonged to Leonardo’s family, and from which the wines of the Villa da Vinci line are now produced. (Length: 600 meters – Duration 20’)

Finally, Il bosco di Leonardo (The Forest of Leonardo) is the path that ventures into the forest adjacent to Villa da Vinci, a place of peace and silence, where nature is unspoiled. (Length: 11.2 Km – Duration 40’)

It is easy to imagine that Leonardo himself, in his childhood in Vinci, had walked in these places and that this countryside and the views were inspirational for his famous landscapes.