Leonardo da Vinci Documentary: The Leonardo Wine | Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci Documentary: The Leonardo Wine

Leonardo da Vinci Documentary: The Leonardo Wine
Who was Leonardo da Vinci as a man? The documentary Il vino di Leonardo, directed by Marco Carosi, reveals the more intimate side of Leonardo with an unpublished story: his link with wine and the vineyard. Twenty-five minutes of never before told stories, journeys through the Leonardo area (from the Vinci countryside, to Milan of The Last Supper) and revelations by experts, showing the more human, intimate and familiar side of Leonardo da Vinci.

As Leonardo is synonymous with an eclectic and creative mind, the documentary mixes the beauty of breathtaking scenery with an urgent and curious story. To embellish the cinematographic work, the film also features the extraordinary participation of the award-winning Oscar Vittorio Storaro who illuminated the final scenes of the Milanese The Last Supper.

Presented for the first time in Vinci on April 11th, Il vino di Leonardo is among the finalists of prestigious international film competitions: including the International Wine Film Festival of Santa Maria Valley in California, the Vero Beach Wine in Florida and the special Da Vinci International Film Festival dedicated to the best independent films from around the world.

In Italy, it will be possible to participate in screenings in selected and exclusive moments, as it was in Florence and how it will be in Faenza on July 6th in the elegant Piazzetta della Molinella, on the occasion of the Cinemadivino exhibition, where the perfect combination of fine wines and art films has always been celebrated.