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The intuitions of the Genius in Leonardo da Vinci’s Wines

Da Vinci’s passion for winemaking began during his adolescence, when, along with his uncle Francesco, he experienced the grape harvest and wine production in the Vinci area first hand. On the topic of winemaking, Leonardo was a true pioneer: thanks to his innate curiosity and his inclination for excellence, the Genius was the first to speak about viticulture and winemaking with precision and technical expertise.
What we have inherited from him is brought back to life every day in the vineyards, the work and the wines of Leonardo da Vinci Spa.

Letter to the Grower

The Letter to the Grower, from 1505, is considered to be the first enological treatise in history, aimed at optimising the cultivation of grapes and wine production.
Five centuries later, winemakers and expert technicians at Leonardo da Vinci Spa have retrieved the qualitative observations contained in this missive: the Genius’s technical instructions reveal all his passion for wine, and the modernity of his intuitions. Leonardo understood how to produce quality wines through careful observation of the natural phenomena that lead to the ripening of the grapes, and the invention of techniques and tools to optimise winemaking and ageing.

The approach of Leonardo da Vinci Spa

Leonardo da Vinci Spa has developed a technical and cultural project, taking inspiration from the studies of the Genius to produce wines that he himself would be proud of. Leonardo’s observations, revived by our technical, agricultural and enological staff, are never static or definitive. The continuous search for perfection and new viticulture, winemaking and ageing methods has led us to reinterpret and add to the Genius’s writings, continuing his work in order to produce the most “Divine liquor of the grape“. The goal is to rediscover, revive and continue Leonardo’s scientific research in the field of winemaking, in order to create a modern version of his method.

The Metodo Leonardo®

The Metodo Leonardo® represents the formalisation of a production protocol – exclusive and secret – that is used for the wines in all the Leonardo da Vinci collections. In line with Leonardo’s creative, visionary approach, the method is constantly evolving thanks to the dedication and expertise of our winemakers.
Every year, a document is prepared containing the technical instructions to follow, and defining the guidelines for constant monitoring of all the phases of winemaking, from the vineyard to bottling, in order to guarantee the quality of the final product.

The method applied: Toscana Rosso IGT

Leonardo’s approach and the continuous search for perfection are reflected in the quality of our Wines inspired by the Genius, such as Toscana IGT Rosso, from the Leonardo da Vinci Collection: a wine that is well-balanced, just like the Vitruvian Man depicted on its label.

This red wine expresses and narrates its land of origin: the red grapes that make it – primarily Sangiovese – come from vineyards in Vinci and the neighbouring towns. Specific natural soil fertilisation techniques and vine nutrition systems are used in these vineyards.

Our enologists pay particular attention to the orientation of the vineyard and the aeration of the leaves and the bunches of grapes. The grapes are usually harvested between the 20th September and the 10th October, after a thorough evaluation of their quality.
After the harvest, the grapes are macerated with the skins, and then fermented at a controlled temperature.  To be made with the Metodo Leonardo®, a wine must follow a specific protocol, including during the winemaking and ageing phases: the various steps in these phases give the wine an intense, persistent fruitiness, enhancing its fragrance. Leonardo’s approach also continues during bottling, when specific steps are followed to measure certain specific parameters.
The care and attention to detail in all the phases of the method allows us to produce excellent red wine, which reveals unexpected nuances of Tuscany. Our Leonardo da Vinci Toscana IGT Rosso presents intense aromas with notes of dark fruit, with great softness on the palate and a long, persistent finish. This red wine is the perfect pairing for pasta dishes with meat sauce, lasagne, fresh cheeses and cold cuts.