Vinci: a new itinerary of museums dedicated to Leonardo | Leonardo Da Vinci

In Vinci, a new itinerary of museums dedicated to Leonardo

The Leonardo Da Vinci Spa, in collaboration with the Municipality of Vinci, has today formalized the constitution of a museum convention that will set up cultural institutions dedicated to the Genius of Vinci in his homeland.


The convention for the expansion of the museum circuit of the city of Vinci arises in the context of the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s death, with the aim of honoring and making known his work in the territories to which it owes its origins.


On the occasion of the institutionalization of the agreement, we will announce two important pieces of news. Starting from 12 April 2019: the reopening of the “Leonardo Da Vinci Museo Ideale“, completely renovated and the inauguration of the new “Leonardo Museum and the Renaissance of Wine” , which will be in dialogue with the “Museo Leonardiano”, which includes the ancient and famous collection of models entirely dedicated to the work of Leonardo scientist, technologist and engineer.

Three museums, each with a different thematic decoding, united by the desire to enhance the great tradition of Leonardo. The “Museo Ideale of Leonardo Da Vinci of art, utopia and culture of the earth”, born as the first museum dedicated to the complexity of Leonardo artist, scientist, inventor and designer and the current Leonardism, reopened to the public after nine years with exceptional news of works, documents and exhibits.
It is always in this context rich in history that a new reality is born, the “Leonardo Museum and the Renaissance of Wine”, to investigate Leonardo according to an essentially unknown point of view: the authentic relationship of genius with agriculture and the territory, food and in particular wine: from historical tradition to the new Renaissance.
From 12 April 2019, in the two new locations we will set up an exhibition event with an emblematic title and exceptional content, “Leonardo lives”, which will be included in the program of the National Committee of celebrations for the fifth centenary of the death of Leonardo, as is the exhibition “Leonardo da Vinci, the origins of the genius”, presented in the “Museo Leonardiano”. Thanks to the agreement between the Municipality of Vinci and Leonardo Da Vinci Spa, the proposal will be established, in addition to the types of existing tickets, a single ticket between the Museo Leonardiano and the two new museums. The “Museo Leonardiano” is preparing the new ticket office in the heart of the historic center; in addition, a new electronic ticketing system will be activated to facilitate the online purchase of tickets.
The initiative as a whole is aimed at offering an immersive experience.