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Tuscan Red Wines: the best top 5

Tuscan Red Wines: the best top 5

Tuscany is certainly one of the Italian regions with a high oenological vocation and its conformation, which alternates valleys with hills, seems to have been made especially for the cultivation of vines. It is therefore easy to imagine how Leonardo da Vinci developed his passion for viticulture and oenology right here in his native region.

In Tuscany there are 50 different types of wine with the denomination DOC and 18 DOCG, as proof of the quality and the wine variety. The are also IGT denominations, of which Tuscany has 6. This record number of denominations confirms Tuscany’s wine history and the quality of its wines. The region mainly grows red grapes which gives rise to the famous red wines of Tuscany, some of which are among the most famous Italian wines in the world. Red wine of Tuscany is recognized and appreciated everywhere for a number of reasons that concern both the agronomic and the historical aspect, in many ways the merit also lies with the pioneering producers who first tried to invest in quality production in Italy, making the most of the peculiarities of the area.

It is difficult to say which red wine from Tuscany is the best, but with so much variety, you will be able to find the one that best suits your tastes. Last but not least, the price of Tuscan red wine varies according to the type, allowing choices for every occasion.

Red Tuscan wines: Chianti

Chianti is the most famous and loved Tuscan DOCG red wine. Born from the recipe of Count Bettino Ricasoli, it still represents the territory of Tuscany in Italy and in the world. The Chianti from the Leonardo da Vinci collection is produced in the hilly areas of Vinci, Cerreto Guidi and in the neighboring municipalities. The color is a characteristic deep purple red, on the nose there are fruity notes of cherry and spices, in particular black pepper. Its taste is pleasant, intense, long, has a good taste-olfactory structure, decidedly fine.
Chianti is a structured and harmonious wine, which lends itself to pairing with first courses and grilled or roasted meat dishes.

Red Tuscan wines: Chianti Riserva

Chianti Riserva undergoes longer aging than the basic version, giving complexity and structure. On the nose there are fruity aromas that combine with the hint of vanilla. On the palate it is full, enveloping and full of typical flavors such as cherry and blackberry. Chianti Riserva DOCG is a Tuscan red wine of great occasions, usually produced from selected vines, it goes perfectly with game dishes and aged cheeses. The Chianti Riserva, from the I Capolavori collection by Cantine Leonardo da Vini, has the famous painting The Virgin of the Rocks on its label, where the landscape depicted refers to the Vinci hills from which the grapes for this wine are produced.

Red Tuscan wines: Brunello di Montalcino

Brunello di Montalcino DOCG is a red wine from Tuscany produced in the historical areas of the Municipality of Montalcino. It ages for two years in oak barrels and 4 months in bottle before taking on the unmistakable intense ruby red color tending to garnet. The flavor is dry, warm, robust and harmonious. Its elegance allows combinations with very structured dishes such as red meats, game, mushrooms and truffles and is also excellent with aged cheeses. The Brunello di Montalcino from the I Capolavori collection is paired on the label with one of Leonardo’s most enigmatic works, San Giovanni Battista: the progenitor of the Italian reds and the epitome of Tuscany, the Saint is depicted with his finger upwards and a sweet smile.

Red Tuscan wines: Rosso di Montalcino

Still in the Montalcino area, another fine wine is produced. Unlike Brunello, which is destined for aging, Rosso di Montalcino is a younger wine that maintains structure but is also lively and fresh. Rosso di Montalcino has the DOC denomination, and is a wine with a clear and bright appearance with a good aromatic persistence. It goes very well with typical and traditional Tuscan cuisine and rustic dishes such as pasta with meat sauce, pork or poultry main courses. Rosso di Montalcino by Cantine Leonardo da Vinci is present both in the Leonardo da Vinci collection and in the Da Vinci I Capolavori collection: two different ways of telling the link between Leonardo da Vinci and wine.

Red Tuscan wines: Governo all’Uso Toscano

This IGT red wine from Tuscany, present in the Leonardo da Vinci collection, Governo all’Uso Toscano is a wine that also tells of an ancient oenological practice developed in this region. The “Governo” is in fact a traditional and ancient process also present in the Chianti specification, which consists of a refermentation that gives the wine a fruity taste. Its color is purple red and the flavor is well balanced and full-bodied with a pleasantly elegant finish. It goes well with game, grilled meats and tasty traditional Italian dishes.