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The best wines to pair with fish dishes

The best wines to pair with fish dishes

It is not only fruit and vegetables but also fish that has its own seasonality and is one of the most versatile foods. Cooked, raw, marinated, grilled, in a pan, roasted, fried, in scapece, and then again as a condiment for pasta, pizzas, bread products and even sushi. In addition to its transformation in the kitchen, fish has formidable properties of pairing with wine and it is possible to highlight its qualities based on the season.

Wine and oily fish pairing

The sea offers numerous varieties of fish so, in addition to being an ethical choice, eating according to the time of year means respecting the environment and promoting its balance. The cradle of civilisation that is the Mediterranean is teeming with nutritious oily fish, rich in omega 3 and fatty acids. The best combination for oily fish is with white wine. In particular, one with a short maceration which is fresh and not too aromatic that can well accompany the freshness and keep the balance and fattiness of the fish. A good suggestion would be a round, elegant and delicate wine like the Trebbiano di Romagna Duomo di Faenza from the 1502 Da Vinci in Romagna collection. With harmonious flavours that do not overwhelm, this white wine keeps the palate fresh and clean.

Pairing wine and shellfish, fish soups

In the summer, a dish of shellfish or an attractive plateau de fruits de mer, basically a sweet dish but very well balanced and enjoyable, goes perfectly with a savory and fresh wine, such as the Pinot Grigio delle Venezie from the Leonardo da Vinci collection.
In autumn, when the climate changes throughout the Mediterranean, fish soups are famous, from North to South, from the cacciucco livornese, a Tuscan fish stew, to brodetto anconetano, a fish and shellfish broth from Ancona. With gurnard, octopus, cuttlefish, mullet and monkfish, soups are succulent, rich and mouth-watering: opposites attract, so they are perfect with particularly tannic or alcoholic wines able to dry out the excessive flavor. Regional combinations are ideal. In this case, fish dishes can be paired with red wines or white or rosé wines: such as the Portocanale di Cesenatico from the 1502 da Vinci in Romagna collection or a Rosso di Montalcino. The soup goes very well with a soft and tannic and non-acidic wine, such as reds. Red wines for fish is a taboo to dispel: they go perfectly with lean, oily fish, such as cod, in order to give a boost of flavor.

Wine and shellfish pairing

Moving on to the coldest period and heading towards winter, we have the opportunity to have octopus, squid and other shellfish which re perfect for warm seafood salads to be consumed on any occasion – an appetizer but also a main course, an elaborate but easy to make, oily dish that satisfies any palate. One wine rules this category above all: Vermentino grown in Tuscany, such the Streda from the Villa da Vinci collection, a semi-aromatic wine that expresses the right structure and a remarkable pleasantness long after the taste.

Fish and sparkling wine

Finally, bubbles and the Italian Metodi Classici: with their hints of yeast, savory on the palate with a pleasant freshness and hints of citrus. With complexity and elegance given by dried and candied fruit notes, sparkling white wines with fish are able to convey their maximum expression by accompanying fish of the day or a starter of tuna.
The Pignoletto Mappa di Imola from the 1502 Da Vinci in Romagna collection, with its low sugars and sharp acidity is able to stand up to even a fritto misto consisting of meaty mullets, white bream and mackerel in perfect symbiosis with the season.