Linea Verde in Tuscany to talk about Leonardo da Vinci | Leonardo Da Vinci

Linea Verde makes a stop in Tuscany to talk about Leonardo da Vinci

Linea Verde makes a stop in Tuscany to talk about Leonardo da Vinci
Everything starts from Vinci, from the estate of Leonardo and from his relationship with the vineyards that surround it. Leonardo observes the tendrils that provide him with the ideal idea for the project of the “vite aerea”, a primordial machine of flight, but also studies the grapes and their processing, as indicated in the letter to the farmer of 1515. The latter resulted in a fundamental document from which we at Leonardo da Vinci Spa started to update the reasoning of the engineers in order to realize its intuitions, to create a modern Metodo Leonardo® for the production of our wines.
Linea Verde is a historical program that has explored Italian agriculture for over half a century. They chose Villa da Vinci for the realization of an episode entirely dedicated to the Genius and to everything that revolves around him. The letter to the farmer is indeed an important testimony from which Federico Quaranta and Professor Alessandro Vezzosi, one of Leonardo’s leading scholars and Director of the “Museo Ideale Leonardo Da Vinci“, opened their dialogue about Leonardo, agriculture and oenology.
The deep relationship between Leonardo with wine has its roots in the context in which he grew up, both humanly and culturally. His birth into a family of winemakers, and childhood surrounded by nature, plants and in particular the vine, represent immediately the starting point from which to develop ingenious ideas, including those on wine that we at Leonardo da Vinci Spa have taken to make our own Metodo Leonardo®.
It is an important journey, not only an oenological but a cultural project, aimed at telling the story of the Genius and making his most human side known. This shared objective animated Linea Verde in the realization of this interesting episode, broadcast on Rai 1, which received excellent ratings: over 3.2 million viewers with 19.8% share.
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