"Leonardo: the gift of the vineyard" opens in Vinci. | Leonardo Da Vinci

“Leonardo: the gift of the vineyard” opens in Vinci.

On June 28, 2022, the Leonardo Wine Genius exhibition space was inaugurated in Vinci, hosting the interactive exhibition “Leonardo: The Gift of the Vineyard”: a journey to discover Leonardo’s love for botany and oenology, his deep connection with the land, from his agronomic studies to his scientific and engineering insights. Leonardo Wine Genius space, which is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and can be visited free of charge, is located at Via Montalbano 2, in the heart of the picturesque village located in the Chianti wine region. Giuseppe Torchia, mayor of Vinci, comments, “This new cultural space, within the historic core of Vinci, will be an attractive landmark for visiting tourists. The operation represents an important example of collaboration between public institutions and private entities in our territory, which has always been devoted to the cultivation of vines.
Leonardo through the centuries: an interactive exhibition

Throughout the centuries, the figure of Leonardo da Vinci has never ceased to fascinate. In addition to being an inventor, scientist and artist, the Tuscan Genius was also a lover of good drinking, a forerunner agronomist and oenologist, so much so that he defined wine as “divine licor of grapes.”
The exhibition Leonardo: The Gift of the Vineyard, located in an ancient gallery that housed a wine museum in the 19th century, recounts precisely Leonardo’s passion for viticulture, in an enveloping atmosphere full of multimedia suggestions.

The itinerary boasts the scientific advice of Prof. Attilio Scienza and spans the Tuscan experience of Leonardo’s younger years and his 1502 trip to Romagna, where he tasted local wines and designed refined winemaking techniques. In Romagna, Leonardo drew two bunches of grapes with the well-known “Uve Portate a Cesena“: the only sketch of the grape fruit that has come down to us, digitized and displayed in the exhibition.
It will continue with an account of the Milanese years at the court of Ludovico il Moro, who gave Leonardo a hectare of vineyard- the remains of which are part of the exhibition-as a reward for the realization of the Last Supper. Testifying to Leonardo’s pioneering vision and the subject of the exhibition is the text of the letter sent in 1515 by the Genius to his factor in Fiesole, in which he complains about the wine he received in Milan, identifying the wrong winemaking methods as the reasons for the product’s poor performance.

Leonardo: The Gift of the Vineyard is produced by Leonardo da Vinci Spa, in collaboration with Giunti Editore, a historic Florentine publishing house that has been engaged for more than half a century in a project of popularizing and reproducing Leonardo’s codices.

The recovery of Leonardo’s oenological method

The method suggested by Leonardo to produce his wines upon his death was forgotten. After five centuries, Leonardo da Vinci Spa has committed itself to the rediscovery and recovery of the scientific research started by Leonardo in oenology, in order to give life to the modern and updated version of his oenological method, used today for the production of excellent wines.
Metodo Leonardo® is today an exclusive production protocol in continuous evolution, with specific qualitative and quantitative criteria for each stage of production.

SimonPietro Felice, CEO Leonardo da Vinci SpA and General Manager Caviro Group, comments, “Since its inception, now 20 years ago, Leonardo da Vinci Spa has been divulging in the world the knowledge of the figure of Leonardo and his extraordinary versatility. With our premium and super premium wines we export to as many as 42 countries, and Chianti da Vinci is the market leader in the United States. This new exhibition space is a source of great pride for us and tells an interesting and unprecedented aspect of the great Tuscan Genius.”

“Leonardo: The Gift of the Vineyard”
Scientific Coordination: Prof. Attilio Scienza | Curatorship: Leonardo da Vinci SpA | Outfitting: Arch. Francesca Rapisarda | Arch DesignMultimedia: ETT SPA | Special partnership: GIUNTI EDITORE | Tasting by: Luca Maroni